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Everyone possesses, inside themselves , the secret of their true shape.

The book intends helping those who have lost this secret to have confidence in its recuperation.
Thanks to the unique acquaintance with our own body, we can always do what is best, knowing intimately the important points to ameliorate.

Elements of amelioration brought by Oriental Medecine :
The whole acupunctural physiology is located along the spine which ancient oriental medecine calls " the life's bone ".
Masters of Zen adopt a certain way of standing to energize their body before transcending their mind. This is known as the ZAZEN posture characterised by "t
he ears in line with the shoulders and the nose in line with the navel".

The whole energy of the human body being accumulated in the belly that they call HARA.

Zen adepts , loosing their ROOTS, have to search for them in hara first.Then they wanders along the PASS to reach the BEEING.
Wherein the secret of shape.

Elements of amelioration brought by Occidental medecine.

There are two essentials for a true shape :

  • A good stance ( a good ground support).
  • A horizontal sight (not low nor high).

Between them, the spine control all problems for with the spine's thirty three vertebras and one hundred articulations, you may have mathematically one thousand million combinations and these combinations allow us keep stable whatever is happening but if the spine doesn't work well you will suffer and loose your good shape.

The third lumbar vertebra though thanks to a specific muscular system allows us, if we make it work properly, to avoid a lot of troubles which might occur.

This vertebra is located at the hara level and is essential to the secret of shape.

A dynamic person seeks a good stance ( ROOTS) and when the lower body is stabilised, he uses this confidence in order to stretch the spine (PASS)towards the head( BEING).

Now one must stretch first the dorsal spine and when it is held, use a new prize ( sixth dorsal vertebra) to hold up the head.

If during growth some distorsion to the spine has occured, the holding up of the head, essential phase of life, will be felt at different points of the vertebral column.So, the spine works with a muscular relay system.Therefore , if you mastered this system which gives efficacity to the"life's bone", you should be able to master mental balance every time you need . Note muscles used by this system have to be trained, and muscles unused for three days much work to find strength and elasticity again.

When we are in good shape, having mastered perfectly the chronology of this "dynamic attitude", be sure this dint of training will have given you pleasure.

THIS PLEASURE IS THE SOURCE OF YOUTH WHEN ONE IS ABLE to feel the separation of the upper body from the lower body at the hara level.

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It is the title of a book I have written.

First of all, I have to tell you that I am sure that we do not have to grow old. I think I know an easy way to support the burden of old age. So, I don't want to do a dogmatic lecture about "eternal youth". But, I have discovered something and I would like you to listen to my story which explains my discovery.

I used to be very fond of sport.
I fell from an horizontal bar when I was thirteen and I hit the middle of my back on a big stone.
For ten years, I was unable to straighten my back after bending , without pain in the middle of my spine.
It was a short but a violent pain.

I lived with this for ten years.

Suddenly, this pain disappeared and was replaced by a pain in my left knee followed by another pain in the right achilles tendon.
At this time, I was playing basket ball.
I was thirty three.

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L3 role

Flat belly